Fiddleheads Garden Center

Who we are

Fiddleheads is a customer oriented, locally owned garden center serving Dalton and surrounding areas!

“This is one of, if not the coolest garden shop I have ever been to."

"They have a large selection and variety of plants, fertilizers, planters, some clothing, just a little bit of everything. Everyone is so friendly and it feels like you're stepping into a new world when you walk in here. Pricing is good, large variety, and friendly staff, what else could you ask for? Oh wait they also have won an award for their cool bathrooms!"
Todd Kramer

Upcoming Events

  • Christmas Open House – November 4th-6th
  • Santa Photos – November 20th (1-3pm)
  • Santa Photos – December 11th (1-3pm)

Employee of the week

Meet Esme Miller. Esme is a high school senior who just recently started working at Fiddleheads. She works in our gift shop and boutique as a cashier. Esme loves the friendly environment and meeting new people. Her favorite plant is a pothos. If you ever need help instore she is there to assist you!

Behind the Scenes

Get a peek behind the scenes by following our social medias! Check out our new Tiktok account where we post funny, informational, and behind the scenes content.

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